Nerd Machine


Nerd Machine asked us to provide multimedia services for marketing to ensure that their live Nerd HQ event at Comic Con would be a huge success.


Nerd HQ Comic Con

We provided a variety of graphic design, web, print and multimedia content to meet the needs of Nerd Machine to pull of a great "Nerd HQ" event at Comic Con.


Animated Nerd HQ Logo

We developed a fully animated glowing Nerd HQ logo featuring a 3D globe and particle glow effects to be used in their live coverage and panels for Comic Con and beyond.


Live Animated Graphics

Animated content produced using the client's Mascot, ROI, as well as their Nerd Machine and Nerd HQ Branding was used live at the event and as branding material for Nerd HQ's web streamed coverage.


Custom Nerd Machine Apparel

We provided graphic design and arranged for the client's ROI character to be printed on shirts, hoodies and other apparel for give aways and merchandising both online and at their live events.


3D Animated Logo

We developed a 3D fully rigged and dynamically animated version of the client's existing logo for use in branding and multimedia production.


3D Animated ROI Mascot

We created a high quality 3D rigged and animated version of the client's mascot character, ROI, a giant robot made of outdated technological gadgetry. This would be used to produce animated clips, title sequences and other branding materials.


Live Web Coverage Support

We provided live event coverage support for the Nerd Machine website during Comic Con, helping the Nerd HQ team keep their online fans and site visitors at the event connected to all of the awesome content that Nerd Machine was delivering.