Sparkle & Dine


Logo & Branding Design

Our client came to us with no prior logo or branding, so our first task was to create a look and feel for this new startup that evoked the elegant, simple and beautiful nature of the tablescape products that Sparkle & Dine wanted to create.

The owner wanted to emphasize the "and" of the name as a primary design element as an ampersand, and so a series of logo options were developed, some of which are featured here. As we worked with the client on finding just the right feel for the logo we also started to narrow down ideas for a site color palette as well.

Ultimately the owner chose a minimal text based logo with a subtle color focus on the ampersand element, and a final version suitable for light or dark themes was delivered.

Website Design Goals

Elegant E-Commerce Storefront

Sparkle & Dine needed a great looking website to showcase their new rental and retail product lines, so flexible e-commerce support was a critical aspect of the overall site design. Our client needed an e-commerce system that gave us total control over the presentation and style of the storefront and the ability to link their products into social media platforms.

Easy Updates For Seasonal Content

Due to the seasonal and ever-changing nature of the Sparkle & Dine product, our client needed to be able to easily and quickly change the storefront and homepage to highlight current products and kits. Our design allows the client to easily feature products from the integrated commerce store on pages, blogs and social media.

Mobile & Tablet Compatibility

For Sparkle and Dine targeting mobile and tablet users was a priority, so we utilized a fluid layout from the ground up to automatically arrange content across a wide range of device sizes and screen layouts while maintaining a user-friendly content editor that allowed the client to make quick changes to products and featured content with little technical knowledge.


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