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We specialize in delivering amazing websites, rich multimedia and great customer service. If your project needs more than just a web developer to deliver the complete package drop us a line with your project details and we'll work with you every step of the way to ensure you get the custom content you need for any application.

Web Development

We make top-quality websites featuring rich multimedia content. While many developers can create you a website, we pride ourselves on going above and beyond your expectations, delivering more than just stock content and creating the website you've been dreaming of.


We offer professional quality photography services to clients in the Dallas, Texas area - often at no extra charge as a bonus to our web development or multimedia clients. Feel free to check out our photography portfolio or contact us today for details.


3D Animation, Video Production and Motion Graphics are just a few of the multimedia services that our firm can provide. Whether you need web-integrated multimedia, custom printing, graphic design, online streaming or TV - we've worked on everything from shirts to shorts.

We are experienced building and cross developing on a wide range of platforms, including Wordpress, Drupal, Joomla, Shopify and 3rd party vendor solutions. We'll ensure that your branding and content will look 100% seamless and beautiful no matter what technology you use.

Phones, Tablets, PCs, even Smartwatches - we ensure your content will render flawlessly on any device. While other developers consider cross platform compatibility an afterthought we design your content to be flexible from the ground up.

Featured Projects


See how Vance Cole Media Services helped this start-up company grow from an idea to an online reality with custom branding, web and mobile development, photography and e-commerce solutions.

Sparkle & Dine

We provided logo and branding design, e-commerce site development, photography and social media services for start up tablescape rental and design company Sparkle & Dine. From early launch to holiday rush, we provided expert guidance and support helping this start-up dream become a reality.

Nerd Machine

Nerd Machine came to us for multimedia services for marketing and use in their live Nerd HQ event at Comic Con. We provided a variety of multimedia, animation, content production, photography and other services helping to make Nerd HQ 2012 a huge success!

Museum Playground

Museum Playground was developed for a non-profit group looking to promote awareness and information about the various educational museums located in the Downtown Dallas Arts District with support from the Perot Museum, the Dallas Museum of Art and the Dallas World Aquarium.

Mana Beauty

Mana Beauty approached us for help creating a web front for their existing retail locations. We worked with the client to modernize and convert their existing inventory management system for online sales compatibility and deliver a top-quality e-Commerce site featuring beautiful location and model photography.

Client Testimonials


"Vance helped take Sparkle & Dine all the way from a dream to reality. From the very beginning he not only helped me build my e-commerce site and social media presence but gave great advice and guidance on how to best grow my online business as well. Thanks Vance!"

Stacia Marlow
Founder & CEO of Sparkle & Dine


"We needed our existing inventory system integrated with a modern website for several retail locations. Vance went above and beyond and delivered a totally revamped inventory tracking system and website that has allowed us to build a great online presence for our business."

Lily Li
Director of Mana Beauty

Photography Services

We offer professional photography services for your event, business, or product imaging needs. Professional photography services are often included at no additional charge as a bonus with our premium web development and graphic design services so inquire today for more information!

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